For us quality means commitment. Our state of the art quality department and lab consist of all latest and fully automatic machineries to assure the quality of each product we produce . Our products are made of top quality raw materials provided by world leaders of the chemical industry and We perform rigorous quality inspections and controls during preform manufacturing. Tests are carried out before production begins, hourly during production, and at the start of the each shift to ensure that each preform makes a Good bottle. PREFORM PRODUCTION Our Preform division uses Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to insure we deliver quality preforms to our customers.

Preform checks include:

  • Intrinsic viscosity

    Determines the strength of the final bottle.

  • Physical testing

    Measurements of Dimensions (length, diameters, wall-thickness, weight, Runner Point )

  • Visual testing

    Inspection of the appearance of our Preforms(Scratches, Shrinkage,)

  • Color

    Wide range of colored Preforms are produced within narrow color tolerances

High Quality Preform
  • No Crystallinity
  • No Scratches
  • Hight Surface Quality
  • Low Acetaldehyda (AA) Levels
  • Minimum Eccentricity
  • Strong Dimensional Stability
  • Consistent Weight
  • Flashless Split-lines