PET, short for Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a polyester compound similar to clothing fabric. It is heated and molded into plastic bottles to package consumer products, foods, and beverages. You can distinguish a PET bottle by the triangle symbol with a "1" molded inside.

What are the benefits of PET?

  • PET is strong, chemically stable, shatter-resistant & economical
  • PET is eco-friendly and sustainable
  • PET is recognized worldwide for its safety by health authorities. It does not contain:
  • PET forms a barrier against temperature, UV light & oxygen

Production Process

  1. The PET resin (in the form of pellets) is dried to avoid moisture interfering with the mechanical properties of the product.
  2. The dried PET is melted in an extruder, mixed and if necessary, colour doser.
  3. The melted PET is injected into a shape, and it then solidifies to yield a solid preform.
  4. The preforms are taken from the moulds and after cooling are packed and ready for delivery.